Hello again,

So May is in the books as it were and I consider it a good month overall.

In the School Open I played 44 events including the last one at 18:00 today for which I picked up a few final points. My personal point line was 839/5106 and I ended 668 for about 9.5 points.

This should put me around 610-620 ish in the TLB (2122 points), which out of 110,000 plus isn't too shabby at all.

Unfortunately the Ducks lost to the Black Hawks in game seven and so I am out of the NHL Stanley Cup Freeroll - Canadian only event. Good luck to those who chose Tampa or Chicago.

1) 32 point gaining events in the open versus 12 losses.

1a) 2 losses during the 2am my time tourny when I fell asleep ! Clearly avoidable.

1b) 2 losses on cracked QQ, 1 on AA cracked, 4 on Ax, 2 blind outs before my points line and a really bad 10,10 blind steal play - don't take on wildmen unless you have them out chipped (7,3o caught the 456 rainbow flop !!)

2) 0 cash money places, 23 money circle places.

3) April top 500 TLB was at 2176, top 2000 was 1910 - May looking very similar at this time

4) So mid-month I went for the "free $20" deposit bonus and played enough to get my 20VPP.

4a) this allows me to play in the 1k freerolls (upto 4 per day) - have cashed 4 times so far best for .47 cents.

Hopefully my TLB place and the 20 VPP will get me into premier league in June. We'll see.

Micro- bankroll strategy.

In the real world anything under a dollar these days is chump change to most people.  This is not true for the poker world - especially in the land of freerolls.

1) Never play for more than you can afford to lose.

2) Keep goals in mind - school tournies play for points, cash games play for money bubble or better

3) An old school rule I use is to never play a tourny for more than 10% of my bankroll. 

3a) Math is important too - today I watched someone double re-buy 5 times at 30 cents each(5x.30=$3.00)  in a ticket freeroll - to make a $ profit he would have to have finished in the top 3!!! or top 10 for ticket even. (he didn't even make the money bubble).

4) Different cash games give different VPP payoffs. Best for us small stakes folks is SNG 9 handed for .50 - .33 VPP each game - top 3 paid. This would mean 61 games to get the needed 20 VPP or $30.50 in entry fees assuming you never won any money. If you can lose 61 SNG in a row you probably shouldn't be playing poker.

5) More expensive but also a good play for those new to SNG is the 1.50 10 handed 50/50 - top 5 get paid. but only .61 VPP each game.

Regards, Cabadanac

PS In the 43rd open I played I hit a cold streak/position problems. For the first 41 hands I didn't play. Hand 42 with 280 chips and the blinds at 150/300, I ran my time bank out and pushed my 3,3 from UTG+1. I got one caller + BB  (afer flop even the BB folded !) but fell to pocket 9,9. However I just cleared my point line and still picked up 1.3 points! If I wasn't so high in the TLB I would have earned even more points BUT I would have earned even more by (probably) blinding out in two hands.