Hello followers,

After three tourny ending 'bad' beats in a row (flop trips lost to river straight, AA cracked by QQ, and AQs cracked by K10o)  I needed to remind myself of this.

Sport and Poker have four BIG things in common.

1) There is an opponent and a measureable outcome - a winner and a loser. Whether you mean by the hand, the tourny or long-term play - results can be seen and acknowledged.

2) There is timing involved - when to make what play or when not to play. Coupled with timing is patience - sometimes the hardest thing to do is wait for the right situation to exploit an opponents weakness.The cliche is true if you can't see nine losers at the table of ten when you sit down then you are likely gonna be one yourself. Be prepared for 'cold card' streaks lasting 10, 20, 30+ hands and know your short stack play accordingly.

3) There is skill involved. Know the rules, learn common, uncommon and rare situations and how to play your best in each one. Sure its showy to head the puck into the net in overtime but hockey rules state the puck can only go in accidentally off your helmet - not be directed in deliberately. Sure AA wins 80% of the time BUT only in heads up play.

4) There is physical fitness needed. While we may not run around the tables or our living rooms beating our chests at good or bad showdowns it does take a certain amount of ability to:

a) sit for an hour or two and concentrate fully on your table.

b) play deep into a tourny at 4,6 or 8+ hours and continue to do a)

c) be well-rested, well-fed and calm enough to do a) and b) and not tilt at any time.

Remember even that best hand AA heads-up still loses about 1 in 5 times.

Regards, Cab

PS Still in top 650 of PSO TLB. l need one deep run to re-enter top 500, not worried about falling out of top 2000 at this point.