Hello All,

So after trying out pokerstars in April, I decided to go full bore in May - on the zero bankroll system.

Obviously you join Poker School Online - gets you some tickets to various events. Take some courses (and pass) and get some more tickets.

Join the open league and play it  A LOT. To get a prize play 5 league games and be in top 2000 of about 110,000 each month.

After 35+ PSO League games I have noticed a few statistics I'll share.

1) Even without a single money top 90 placing I'm in the top 600 TLB atm.

2) There is a ton of deadwood/donk-noob etc - as much as 60-70 %.

3) To get to positive points and climb TLB be prepared to get past 1st break/1st hour for sure.

4) To get the higher prize in the league you needed VPP points previous month - to earn VPP points you need cash.

4a) to get into premier league you need VPP points this month - which needs cash.

5) Don't forget your 7 weekly scratch tickets - you might get a money game ticket - which might get you a cash which could earn you those VPPs

6) Watch for regional only freeroll tournaments for your country/area - I'm realllly hoping Anaheim takes the stanley cup but that 'prize' tourny isn't til June.

Regards, Cabadanac.