Last night I won Preliminary to the WBCOOP. Got bunch of tickets! Sunday Million and SCOOP 215$ tickets. Got one more 11$ ticket from yesterday....

Anyway, after I checked last year's winners of the WBCOOP I found out that just few of them managed to cash in the tournaments they had tickets for. I have 5 tickets and still a Main Event to play - hopefully that's where I'll get one more ticket - at least one 55$ SCOOP. With these, I hope to get into money once - come out with some 500$ from this whole affair would be spectacular push to my 150$ (something) bankroll. I don't intent to use these tickets before March (those that I won for Sunday Million). Anyway - it's a great thing for me, I'll be freerolling this spring with the high rollers thanks to PSTARS, probably get eaten alive, but who cares - not my money anyway.

One more thing - Staff of the Pokerstars are just terrific! I mean customer support -  These women and men really go a long way to help you with any kind of problems. And they are so prompt. No wonder this site is No.1!

So, the next big thing - Sunday Million! David Tuckman, here I come! Be gentle :-D !

Also, my warm regards to Beckers..., who was runner up last night, voltas...., who finished 10th but played the best poker and  xcel... for his support.