I don't usually do this, but I had to blow some steam... here's the list of all ins I played during the bad beat session - this is as they come -
AA vs KK vs TT 1.10$ MTT shorthanded lost to T .... (beggining of the tourny)
AK vs QT 1.1$ sattelite to sunday 1/4 mill bubble if i win i get 11$ seat - lost - won 1$
KK run into AA and lost 1.40$ sng bounty  - remained in the game as a shortstack was in top five before
A4 vs KJ all four same suit - lost again same opponent same tourny as previous short stack and desperate
AJs vs AQs shortstack 1.10$ sng lost
JJ vs 55 1.40$ sng bounty - lost remained in the game from the leader to the middle stack
QK vs A5 same tourny - short stacked and lost to the leader
A5s VS KJs 1.20 sng lost shortstack near the bubble
A4 vs 88 opponent shortstack lost 1/4 of my stack 1.40$ bounty sng
88 vs AJ same tourny ITM lost shortstack one away from the final table
TT vs Aks 1.40$ bounty sng lost ITM (first all in in the whole of the 3hour tourny  - folded QQ preflop earlier on the bubble against the push by the chip leader- I would never have done this otherwise, but I was terrified that even if I had Aces I would lose)
AKs vs AQo Final table same tourny - lost and got busted
... and, first all in preflop I actually won AA vs JJ....

Some mistakes about the tourny facts could exist but they are unintentional, otherwise this is truly as they come...

Playing the final table 6 out of 9 remaining, and as I wrote this lost to the shortstack all in with A5s agaist my J10os - final update AQ vs opponents AT all in  - lost, finish 8th position.

Gonna watch the movie, some old horror with my favorite supporting actor Miguel Ferrer.

Lost 8$ in today's session, such a downfall from yesterday's 36$ winning session...
Good news, I just got my vpp bonus 10$... still a bitter taste... I played much better today than yesterday, but yesterday everything seemed to fall in to place  - although I played really bad on manny occasions. If I played like today, I  would have won ALOT more money. - missed just two value bets where I could have won more from the opponent, one succesfull bluff against me that I know of, pulled of three out of three big pot bluffs... Made mistake only twice that I can think of - called with KK post flop whith the A on board against two opponents, knowing one certainly has an Ace... Didn't lose much, but still...the other situation I made a mistake Im aware of is when I went all in from UTG+2 with A9 (15BB remmaining) just as I lost another showdown - was on tilt, but fortunately no one called and I collected the blinds and antes (not nearly enough to justify my push)
If I play any more games, I think I'm gonna be tilting and playing badly... (maybe FLH tourny - i dunno, at least no all in there)

Those who read, thanks, those who find it annoying, I can understand that... Know one thing, somedays are just better to stay off the poker and in your house (got a big flu - bad luck never seems to end)...