I was watching the video of Chris Moneymaker, a summary of a mtt $ 10, was analyzing the tournament. Chris revolutionized the game of poker after his victory in 2004, I think this video gives us a broad view of how you should play every tournament low phase entry, his experience is great. After seeing the entire analysis session I realized that there were many mistakes in my game especially in the early stages of the tournament came in with hands that did not allow me much benefit, and how sometimes it is better to play especially with position and make the most advantage of them, I think after watching this video I can become a regular winner of tournament low cost, ignoring the variance is in the MTT.

anyway I think after watching the video would say it's great for:

1. Chris gives explanations in clear and forceful as it should be played every stage of the tournament

2. Trusting that if you play your game will be a long term winning player.

3. patience is the key to success and not try to win the tournament in the early stages with hands like AK or AA out of position.

I must say that is my first video I see in Pso and I am inspired by the amount of information contained in each section.

Thanks and regards