Poker School Open Skill League

Due to my work schedule, I can only participate in 1 tournament per day, usually the 5pm ET game and maybe, if I'm not too tired, I'll squeeze in the 9pm ET game.  So, in September, since I got started with the Poker School late in the month, I didn't play a lot of Open Skill League games.  Even so, I managed to climb up the ranks to 3627.

October, on the other hand, is a totally different story.  I managed to play 39 or 40 tournaments throughout the month.  I've done well in most of the games, but, due to some cockiness and calling all in with big pairs, ended up going down in a few of them.  I've learned a lesson throuout this month, that being, "Don't put your faith in AA 100%"!!!  I ended up finishing the Open Skill League for October in 340th spot.  Also, since I got around 29 VPP, I`ll be receiving a $5.00 bonus and jump into he November Premier League.  I`m looking forward to seeing how I fare in those tournaments.

Cash Games - 2NL

I played a few sessions in the 2NL cash games in the latter portio of the month after watching a few lessons and videos, but I guess not too many of the principles had sunk in!  Still can't let go of big pairs!  I was up a little bit after about 2 hrs in the first 2 sessions, down $2 in the next, then up $1.58 and down again $1.68,  I also may be playing a little too tight, missing on maximum value when there is a multi-way pot.   Oh, well, I'll have to be more careful next time.

Multi Table Tournaments

I seemed to find a niche in the 90 seat MTT knockout SNG's.  I now have 21 tournies under my belt for a net gain of $37.20 and roi of 118.10.  I've also played a few single table SNG tournaments for a small gain here as well.  Additionally I've also played a few regular tournaments.  The main problem I'm having is opening up a little in later positions with cards that would end up hitting the draws, and again, holding on to the big pairs when drawing hands have them beat.  I'll have to watch for that in future tournaments.  Overall, I'm up $32.92 over 44 Tournaments with an ROI of 54.43%

There is still lots to learn, and lots of room for improvement!  Until next time.....have a great November and see ya at the tables!!