I've noticed in posts at various places that there is a lot of negative feedback regarding different forms of training. Whether it's reading books or watching videos there is always someone saying how it doesn't work, and that experience is the only way to learn.

Well, that isn't necessarily true! Not in my case anyway!

Ever since I started playing online playing regularly, I've picked up a book here and there and read the pertinent parts for the game that I wanted to learn more about. Sometimes it didn't always work they way it goes in the book, sometimes it did. Then in February of last year I found Full Tilt Academy. After going through some of the training videos, my success started to climb. There have been ups and downs since then, but that's been the variance associated with the game.

Throughout the summer, I started playing again on Poker Stars in the beginning in June (I think my first Poker Stars game this year). I played on and off for a while with not too much success. On September 18, I noticed for the first time, the Poker School tab at the top of the lobby (it's been there since last fall, but I didn't pay attention to it).

After completing all the course materials and the quizzes, I found that my results started to skyrocket again! I guess after doing the FTA videos, I started to fall back into old habits and let the leaks that I had plugged open up again. In my opinion, you can never stop learning. Always keep reading, always keep watching videos. Even if you've already read the material and watched the videos, it doesn't hurt to keep reviewing it from time to time.

Here are the results of the few games played prior to joining the PS Poker School. Note - I forgot to filter out the freerolls in this.

Here are the reults since September 18

Although the results in the first graph are from a small sample, the overall results are down. In the second graph, the sampling is bigger, showing a vastly improved ROI result.

Have a great day at the tables!!