Since this is my first post, I'd first like to introduce myself to the Community.

Early Years and Employment

My name is Richard Couvillon, and was raised in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  I've been in the transportation industry ever since graduating from High School in 1973, starting out as a Yard Clerk with Penn Central in the Canadian Division Windsor yard.  In 1976, Penn Central was one of 7 US Railroads that merged to form the Consolidated Rail Corporation (ConRail).  In July of 1976, I moved to the Canadian Division headquarters in St Thomas where I occupied a number of positions over the next 9 years.  Yard clerk, Freight billing clerk, industrial car control clerk, crew dispatcher, joint facility accounting clerk and store department truck driver. (Not necessarily in that order! LOL)  In May of 1985, the division was sold to a joint venture by CN and CP.  Shortly thereafter, my position as Freight billing clerk was transferred to the CN London office.  At the end of 1986, the London office was closed, work moved to Toronto, and since I came from a merged proposition, my seniority would not allow me to follow the work to Toronto.  I was then in lay off position and left the railroad.  After a few months (July 1987), I joined the London Transit Commission as a bus operator, hence my nickname BuzzDryver.  I've been with LTC now for 24 years.  In addition to being a transit bus operator, I've also held positions as Relief Dispatcher and currently in the position of Operator/Relief Inspector.


Throughout the years, I've dabbled a little bit with poker.  In my teen years, I'd join in with a bunch of friends playing a variety of dealers choice games where I've covered all the old standard games that were played back in the 70's.  Since I didn't know much about poker at that stage, except what you could read in the Book of Hoyle overview, I really didn't to to well and lost interest.  After a few more years, and watching all the great aunts and uncles playing their penny ante poker games at holiday gatherings, I watched and learned a little more until I got to the point where I'd bring my penny jar and join in.

Then, about 5 years ago, I'd see the odd WPT game playing on TSN and watch the pros play their final tournament tables.  Around that time my girlfriend's nephew came to town and stayed with us for a few weeks.  During that time, he introduced us to online poker, so I opened up a few accounts on different sites and started playing the freerolls.  At this point, I still hadn't picked up any books (as I really didn't know they existed) and just went by the nephew's straegy advice.  Needless to say, after playing for a while, not knowing the correct way to play, I didn't fare too well.   I also made a couple of small deposits on a couple of sites and lost it all!  From then on, for a while, I just stuck to the freerolls, watching all the donks playing crap cards all in all the time knock me out of tournaments while I was holding the top pairs.

Poker Education and Training

At the beginning of last year, I found the Poker Tracker program and installed it to keep track of my progress.  I had mad a couple more deposits and watched as the graphs in the program steadliy go in the downward direction, with the odd upward peak.  Then in March, a couple months later, I found an online Poker Academy on a now non operational site.  After watching a few of the videos, the graph started to turn around and the results starting to improve tremendously.   I still experienced the downswings but the upswings started to overshadow the downswings.  For 2010, playing micro limits in ring games and tournaments with buyin's of $.10 to $1.50, I ended the year up around $133,  I continued playing into this year with a few successes and a few downswings, but still remained profitable.

On September 18th this year, I found the Poker Stars Poker School and signed up.  With in the week, I had completed the basic, core, sng and mtt courses.  Immediately after completing these courses, my success rate started to sky rocket once more.  In the last 3 weeks, my Poker Stars account had jumped from about $24 to $58 playing mostly the $1.50 90 seat SNG.  To date this year, my net profit now stands at about $262.

Thanks to you at Poker Stars and Poker Stars Poker school for putting on an excellent source of education and training.  Without it, I'd still be struggling along, wondering what the heck I'm doing wrong!

GL to all on the Felts!


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