I've always beleived that I genuinely can make money from this beautiful game, my only problem however is a lack of discipline in terms of BR management and a lack of emotional intelligence (tilt donking my roll after a swing of variance). 

I beleive that writing a blog will help combat these leaks if you will and help document my rise to stardom!  

I never usually take the Open skill league seriously mainly due to the amount of reckless fish that seemingly made it impossible to actually do well in it. However, due to financial diffuiculties and still having the urge to play, I thought why not let's actually have a real go at it. At this moment in time I am currently 540th with 2082 points, that means that I'm hopefully just one bink away from gaurenteeing a premier league spot for next season!

I'm obviously new to blog writing so if any of the PSO community would like to share tips or if anyone wants me to include any other information etc please just post in the comment section! 


TY and GL on the tables!