Greetings my fellow Pokerschool members.


Today i'll talk about MTT's and about my bankroll history.

It has been quite hard month for me, first i lost 1K in money due tilt and bad cardluck, I lost 500 dollars in 500ZOOM with hand AA vs JJ, we both went all in preflop and the opponent got flush, can you believe that? That was when the tilt occured, boom. All in with AK vs AA was seen shortly after that.

Alright, i got over the TILT few days later and started playing MTT's like Big 4.40, 5.50 and 8.80

In finished 12. in 4.40 after 8 hours of playing, i couldn't believe it, i was so pissed and so mad at myself. I won 150 dollars but still, if you're so close to 5K then you don't really accept it.

At the same day in finished 52. in 8.80 after 7 hours of playing again I was burning like good ol' devil in his warm home. 

Now few days later I finished 40. in the the Bigger 8.80 after 9 hours of playing.

Here's my cry for help, can somebody give me some advice, because I think i play little bit wrong in the stage of tournament like that.


All the feedback is very welcome.