My name is Burnpricess and I have played about 1-2 months in pokerstars. Mostly people could have spot me playing freerolls and PSO open League and Baltic league.

Thanks to the PSO open League I got ticket to the Octobers Big Bang. I got in to the 400 at Open League 3 times in a row and in a one day, in fact it was the last day, so everyone, don't give up on hope.

I'll run up from September to the October 12th, the day of Big Bang. I wake up early, and played Open League 8:00 EET tournament and finished there 6th what is my new best place in there (LAST: 28th) 

12:00 EET Open League tournament I got in top 400

16:00 EET I dropped out about before 4000, sadly I don't have ticket to the next Big Bang yet.

 The Big Bang

It all started very slow and tight, I had about 2 agressors in my table who doubled up fast but as fast as they doubled up, thats how fast they lost their stacks. Like they say "Easy come, easy go

I was a underdog till the bubble stopped, my biggest stack was 3000 before bubble, but that got eaten by blinds really fast.

I was almost the bubble boy, BB got me all in with J4 off suited, luckily i won and doubled up to the 2k and i was in money, next hand had pocket JJ and had all in and doubled to the 6k and theres where my rise began, shortly after that i was on 10k. next hand was aggainst agressor, 3 BB with AQ suited, flop had Q in it, checked and trapped agressor who after that went all in, almost easy call, and got to 24k. My stack had risen fast to 45k and that was enough to kill the Final table bubble boy. Started final table with about 70k and burned low stack (a'la 10k) with Q7 hearts and got flush from river. From there on I played my game, only made one mistake, called all in with Q7 suited and lost half my stack. But from there I came out but shortly after that I went all in with A4 off suited, lost and finished 5th and won 270 dollars

Can't say Im sad but can't say im happy neither.

Big bang is tournament where your stack isn't something to relay on, it really doesn't matter how much you have, 1k, 4k or 10k, you can become first if you play your cards right, I think im perfect example.

Best of luck to everyone at tables, and I hope I see you all in next months Big Bang