After a not so good day yesterday in the league I wanted to come away with a good spot in the 10am trny. But I ran into someone from the ATC school and my trny ended in the first two hands. After my pre-flop raise me and the BB are sitting looking at a worthless flop. Myself I happened to have a double gut shot straight draw and raise his minimum bet. Feeling lucky after I hit the higher end of the straight I raise his min bet again to get called. A third heart hits the board on the river and he bets out 440, not thinking I had a river rat in the first hand I call to see them show 2 hearts and absolutely chasing the entire way. He called the flop 3 flushed just because they felt like it I guess.

So I'm leaning on one leg at this point and don't have much to work with after that one. 2nd hand I get dealt a couple suited connectors and call pre-flop. Catch 2 pair and raise the 4 other people in the pot and just the SB comes along. This is the same guy from the last hand. The board pairs 4's but I still like my hand so I raise his min bet once again. His re-raise makes me stop and think for a second but I call all-in and he shows a 94 and to add insult to injury hits a flush on the river again. 

My only conclusion is that from now until my luck turns I have to fold anything that is not the absolutely nuts for a few rounds. Again.....only time will tell.