I have a dozen or so skill league freerolls under my belt so far and I started off great and had a 1600ish score but then I had some reversals. Ran into a few donkeys and had a few people draw out on me and I was on the downfall. But none of that matters to me because it happens, thats poker. What I hate is sitting around for a freeroll, getting your head straight and making sure you have all your strategies figured out, and you finally get seated only to have QQ dealt your first hand. Sweet right? Now the reason I hate this, especially in this latest situation, is I'm sitting in UTG+2, UTG+1 raises to 540 and I 3 bet it to 1160. Feeling pretty good, the cut-off goes all in, I get nervous but put them on an A, then the small blind calls along with UTG+1. Not really sure how to feel in this situation but just unable to get away from it I call pretty much pot committed. 

Small blind shows KJo, not sure the reason that person was in the pot with a raise, re-raise and an all-in in front of them, UTG+1 shows AJo, again not sure what they were doing in the pot, then the cut-off shows AA which some of you probably could see coming. No one improves with the board and the 3 of us are all taken out of the trny in one fell swoop on the first hand. So much for playing tight-aggressive and shooting for a money spot. Although I have cashed 3 times in the few freerolls I have played, I feel I have had a worse experience than good so far. But hopefully sticking to my strategies, next month I can get into one of those top stops. Only time will tell.