First of all, I want to say congratulations to everyone who has stuck with their goals and have continued to post results. Seemed like an easy thing to do all the way back in January, but as time wore long it did become a grind. Great job to everyone making goals and following through with them!


This year I started out as a complete poker noob, fish, donkey, whale whatever they're called nowadays. I have just finished looking back at my first pages in my Time Vault thread and have come to realize how much I have learned and grown as a poker player. It was actually awesome to see and I reccommend everyone to do it once in awhile. It's awesome to see progress even though it does take time. 

About my goals in January. They were the VAGUEST of VAGUE goals ever made. I didn't realize it when I made them, didn't realize it two months, even 6 months into the challenge, but after following a few other PSO members' threads all year it has dawned on me. I made 5 goals, all of them one line and none of them including steps on how I was going to reach them. The reason for this was I had never played poker before and therefore had never created goals of any sort! 

My goals were: 

- Become a better overall player

- Start a bankroll from $0

- Find a friend that I can share strategy with

- Have fun, and lessen my tilt

- Win at limit holdem

WOW. Those are some great examples of how to not set goals. Anyways, looking back I did manage to accomplish them. My great feat was building my roll up from $0 through the WR2 freerolls, then FLHE, then $0.25 45man SnG's followed by $1.50 HU Hypers. I managed to grind up to about $230 when I hit big. I came third in MicroMillions 5 Event 7 for $3949!! This was obviously my high point and I was ecstatic. The feeling of starting with $0 and all of a sudden having a four figure roll after one tourney was hard to believe. I won't forget that tourney, my first big score. 

After that tourney, I had one more decent score for $810 in a HU Hyper $10.20 MTT. I came first and the feeling was made even better as I was cheered on by a few friends railing me through stars.

Then, I had a few small changes in life (mostly good) that made me a busier person. I had less time to play MTTs and poker definitely took a back seat for a few months. This was my low point as I felt my poker year stall and I was unable to continue the run I was on. Instead, I had to look at my options and see what I would be able to play to finish off the year. Cash games came up, and zoom grabbed my attention. I could join tables whenever I wanted, lots of VPPs, lots of hands, and leaving a table quickly were more than enough good reason to take up the game of zoom. 

That leaves me at the present day. My poker winnings have bought me a HUD, a trip to Thailaind coming up shortly, two small trips, and one awesome luxurios night out with my girlfriend on a 5 star river cruise. I am still left with a decent bankroll for next year, most of which will be used to pay for coaching and the rest for zoom. 

I can't wait to make goals for next year, which will no doubt be better, more detailed and therefore more fulfilling. Big congratulations to everybody this year and may next year be better for everyone! Thanks to all of those who commented, provided help, and shared ideas, making my first year of poker a successful one. See you at the tables!