Until the last few weeks of August I was playing all sorts of games and studying lots of different subjects. I was improving my MTT game mostly, but I hit a big downswing playing these tournaments that put me off.



Next month I need more specific goals if I am to make any significant progress. Vague goals was a big reason in my lack of progress and growth. I have these goals written down and will post them in my challenge thread.


For September I will focus exclusively on FLHE. I am in the midst of a challenge right now which motivates me quite a bit. I do feel the pull to play MTTs again, but I know it wouldn't be very productive long term.


To move up through the FLHE stakes I will need to increase my volume and continue bettering my game. There are still spots where I am not 100% sure of the math, if I have correct odds to call or if I should fold. Since FLHE is a lot more math based this is a problem I will have to fix.


As for studying, I hope to have a large group discussion once every 2 weeks. Any tricky spots I will discuss with a friend or post it and get some help.


I'm looking forward to see where I am at at the end of September. Sticking to one game is the best thing for me to have done, but I'm not sure how I'll end up. Time will tell, good luck everyone.