Last month, July, I studied MTTs and played them as my main grind. However, July was a big losing month without many rewards. I didn't even gain many VPPs despite the number of MTTs I was playing.


This made me reconsider what I wanted to play for August. I've always been interested in FLHE and made it one of my goals to learn how to play it and become a winning player at it sometime this year. Recently, a friend and I have taken on a challenge to grind up a roll starting at the lowest stakes and work our way up as high as possible.


I started at 0.02/0.04 approximately two weeks ago and started grinding playing a TAG strategy. This was effective at these stakes and after about a week I had made enough to move up to the 0.05/0.10 stakes.

Now, before playing these stakes I was fortunate enough to have a group discussion with people, one of them being a retired pro. Although I was winning, I had some major leaks. Some of them came from playing NL and I didn't fully realize how situations can change in FLHE. After addressing some of my major leaks I started to win more by losing less. Each big bet I save is a big bet that I win.


Playing nothing but FLHE has been a challenge as before I used to jump around from MTTs, HU, and SnGs. This way I enjoyed poker, but wasn't making a steady profit or giving myself a chance to. Hopefully, by grinding FLHE I can make a large amount of VPPs as I move up and grind out a steady profit. Moving up the limits is more rewarding, which keeps me motivated to stick with this challenge.

GL everyone in September and to anyone play WCOOP!