First of all, I'm very happy to still be playing poker and thrilled with the success I've had over the last half year. I'm still a poker newbie and need to work on a lot of aspects of my game.


Over the last two months, I found my niche playing heads up and MTTs. Therefore, my goals will be focused on these two formats.



- Develop optimal strategy for varying stacks sizes

- Get a stronger grasp on ICM

- Improve my bubble play. Need to be more aggressive with a big stack and take more chances with a short stack.

- Focus more on each opponent at the table. Especially those sitting beside me.

- Play 2 MTTs with a buy in more than $100


Heads Up

- Think in terms of "buy ins gained/lost". I find this hard to to do at the moment.

- Improve post flop play

- Grind a lot at the end of the month as I will be buying a fairly expensive hu strategy pack.


Hopefully I can stay on track with these goals while improving my game and having fun. Can be difficult at times, but constantly improving and enjoying yourself at the tables is a must. Good luck in July everyone!