June was a quiet month for me as I had problems with my connection during the biggest week at pokerstars. I missed out on the billionth hand and some of the promotions that went with it. 


When I got back to the tables I played my usual HU games and MTTs. I finished a long MTT stake that ended in a little bit of profit. However, in HU I went on a downswing, losing about $250. Before, I would just play through a downswing and lose much more than I should as I would stray away from my A game. This time I stopped and looked at suggestions from others, which definitely saved me a lot of money and renewed my confidence.


I started playing some fun satellites that I haven't tried before. After two days I have a T$ money roll of $42.62. I plan on running this up a bit more and playing a $100+ MTT. 


I also got to play in the Big $22 and I ended making a small cash of $46. Despite the min cash I felt I played very well as I came back from 7BBs down at level 20/40. This happened after flopping a set and getting it in against an overpair only to have him bink his set on the river. I didn't lose my cool, and just tried to pick my spots to get my chips in the middle. It's games like this where I can visibly see my improvement as I wouldn't have been able to come back after taking a beat like that a few months ago. 


Some good advice offered around here. Thanks guy/girls! Just want to keep improving my MTT and HU game next month and throughout this year.