May was a great month, lots of fun and profits! 

The most important thing I learned was to constantly be evolving your game, getting better, learning more. Specifically, I worked on my MTT game for many, many hours. After reading through strategies, watching videos, and discussing situations I have a much better knowledge of what to do in these tournaments that have a vast number of players. I go into each one I play with a detailed plan and can tweak my style to fit my table. 

This leads me to the second thing I learned, and that was how important specialization is. Yeah sure, if you`re a good player you can profit at a number of games, but good players who specialize will make a lot more. Way more! I messed around with a few games, and even though I was having fun I realized I was wasting time. So, instead of zipping around pokerstars playing whatever I felt like I focussed on MTTs. Everything I could find that helped. Situations to 3-bet, exploiting opponents, flops that are good to check raise, inducing bluffs, laying down marginal hands, good opponents to bluff, etc... Those are all topics I worked on and I am now way more confident during MTTs. 

I first noticed this in SCOOP. I had a few deep runs and felt like I knew so much more about what my opponents were thinking and what range of cards they had. When I cashed in Micro Millions, I felt much different. I was always holding on for dear life instead of thinking how to win pots. Now, I definitely have more to my game, and still am looking to improve. 

It has been a great month and I hope that next month will be even better with more MTT play. Next month I will try to solely focus and play these games, with some other games thrown in for fun. Hope everyone had a great month!