Unfortunately, I didn't get to play as much as would have liked to this month due to the fact I was much busier with other things in life. Still, when at the tables or dropping by pokerschool I managed to finish up a few goals.


This month I became a much better stud and stud h/l player. I understand strategy a lot better and by the end of the month was having a fair bit of success at the micros. I definitely enjoyed branching out and look forward to playing some MTTs outside of NLHE.


I also continued to work on razz. I've played razz before and is my favorite game other than NLHE. This month I read a lot of strategy on razz, and discussed hands and situations with friends. This month I branched out and added variety and had a lot of fun while playing these games. Now if I ever get bored with my main grind I can confortably switch to a number of games just to have some fun and hopefully profit at the same time.


Cheers, hope everyone had a great month!