The end of Micro Millions signalled a start for new goals for me. The micro millions events were pretty fun for the most part. Lots of new games that I tested out, two of these include Ante up and Razz. I definitely enjoyed Razz and would like to play it more in the future. 


As my bankroll shot up I'm moving out of microstakes poker and into new levels. However, the last thing I want to do is spew away my money playing stakes I'm not comfortable at or where my opponents have an edge. I want to stay in a comfort zone and take +ev shots that are within my bankroll limits. 


To start off April, I'm going to play $7 HU Turbos and Hypers. Right now I'm bankrolled for $30 HU games, but I want to work my way up, so I don't lose a lot of money. I'll start off with Hypers, but if they go downhill (and they can go downhill quickly) I'll switch over to turbos where the variance is much lower. 

If I'm beating the $7s at a consistent win rate over at least 750 games I will move on to the $15 HU games. Here I'll just repeat the same process, maybe stay at this level for an extended period of time before moving up to the $30s. 


I'm going to stop grinding MTT's as the variance is too high and I feel like I'm spewing money away that can be used for my HU grind. I will play 2 MTTs on the weekend to see if I can hit one of them big.


Strictly a HU grind for next month, can't wait! I'm getting a lot of help from some poker friends and also Space Gravy's videos have been extremely useful. This is how I'm going to learn more about strategy and how to improve my game. Good luck everybody in April!