I have just finished Micro Millions Event 007 after playing for almost 10 hours. The buy in was $5.50 with no re-buys or add ons. I satellited into the event as my bankroll could not afford such a tournament. 

Anyways, I'm exhausted but finished 3rd place out of 8673 runners after making a 3 way deal. I was down to less than 8 BB and it was my big blind next. I took a deal that gave me $3949.68! Originally 3rd place was supposed to pay around $3200. 

My bankroll now stands at $4147.60! I can't believe what a run I just had, I am still shocked.


I started the NLHE tournament out perfectly. With huge stacks and the blinds so small I was limping lots of speculative hands. One of these was 99. After a raise preflop we saw a 3 way flop, and I hit top set. The original raiser and caller both went all in on the flop and I tripled up with a set of 9's taking down JJ and QQ.

I managed to win another huge pot with KK beating out two villains, one holding JJ, the other 10 10. 

This put me comfortably into the money. After the bubble broke I found my stack getting shorter and shorter. I was card dead and my blind steals weren't working as much as I needed them to.

I ended up surviving an all in with K 6 beating a Q 7. Then with a medium size stack I made my biggest mistake. A villain in MP min raised and I looked down at AKo and shoved on him. He snap calls and shows KK. With the poker gods looking down at me, I flopped my miracle A. 

After the blinds increased and ate away at my stack I was forced to shove QJo  from UTG, and to my despair had 2 callers. I had 4 outs to an OPSD afte the turn as there was a flush draw on the board. I rivered an A that missed the flush and survived once again. 

From there I made the most out of opportunities where I could steal blinds or defend. I was all in at one point with AcQc in the BB against villain's A2o in the SB. He was a maniac, raising every button and SB he had. I snap called and took down a decent pot. 

With 10 players left I made another mistake. Sitting 4th and on the button I min-raised with AQ. I got 3 bet and I should have folded, but I called. The flop came 3 hearts, I didn't have one, and I was forced to fold to a c-bet. That hand put me into 8th, the position I started the FT in.

At the FT I survived one miracle hand, and made a few DU's where I was a clear favorite. My miracle hand was as follows. I was down to 7 BB and shoved AhQh from UTG+1. Then, re-raised by a villain in MP with AA. I sighed, knowing I was down. The flop came 10 5 10 no hearts. The turn another 10. The river? Another 10!!!!!!! We both hit quads with A high. I couldn't believe it and will remember that hand for quite a while. 

I then managed to increase my stack to a playable amount and my opponents slowly started dwindling down until we got to the final 3. I was outmatched by one opponent definitely who had played a near perfect game up until this point. I was still the short stack with the BB about to hit me, so I took a deal that gave me over $800 extra. Also, I was exhausted from work and then a 10 hour tourney. 

The prize though? Made the whole experience worth it. I've never had so many heart stopping moments in the game of poker. I was fist pumping, sometimes in a state of disbelief, and closing my eyes and praying at different moments in this tourney. Micro Millions Event 007 is the first MTT I have scored a big cash in, and will allow me to have a lot more choice with my bankroll. 

Still, getting this deep require a serious amount of good luck. I didn't suffer one bad beat, not one!! I sucked out twice one people and just had big hands at the right time. 

Can't wait to play more Micro Millions events! Good luck everyone, I hope you can have the same run of luck I did!