Unfortunately, I missed out on poker for the first week and a half of February due to holidays. Seems like while I was away I also forgot how to play Full Ring and SnG format. I came back ready to get back into the grind and essentially threw away my money. I was bluffing big pots in full ring and wasn't patient in the SnG's; completely different from how I usually play.

Since the start of the year I have been studying HU play and was definitely interested by it. However, I was unable to play in any HU games because my bankroll could not afford me to take shots. My HU game felt good from the amount I studied it and due to my sheer boredom of my normal grind I switched to HU for a bit.

Instantly hooked on the hypers. So fast, alot of games and can be very tense. This has lit a fire in me and now all I want to do is play HU and gain experience, find people that I can practice with and grow my bankroll. I recovered my losses and have grown my bankroll since starting the HU $1.50 hypers. Still risky to play them and if I go on a big downswing I will have to drop down and go back to my old grind. 

I did have two bad runs, but maintained focus and rebounded fairly quickly. This change of style was completely unexpected for me, but have realized that having fun in poker is the only way to make a profit. If I'm playing bored then I'm losing money. HU, I'm focussed every hand, every card and I believe it's paying off. 

Don't know if this will last, but I'm hoping it does. Has anyone ever gone through anything similar or swithed styles this fast? Happy Valentines Day everyone and good luck at the tables!