Took some time to reflect on my new years goals, and went over my play for the last few days. I have gone nowhere, which can be very frustating as many of you may know. Whether it has been bad luck or one or two bad plays, things have not been going my way. In poker this can be hard on the old bankroll

I don't tilt any more, or at least it takes a lot to tilt me. I look at these last few days as a minor blip, and patience will pay off in the long term. Take a night off or a day and come back fresh, really helps me get back to an A game. Also, doing something that totally takes my mind away helps, going out with my gf, play fighting with my dog, a short work out are things I regularly do after a tough day or two.

This is how I stop myself from tilting and waiting for better opportunities to play with my money. 

Anyone have any unique ways which help to get off tilt or prevent it from happening?


GL to everybody and have fun at the tables!