I was playing a session of NL hold em; with the stakes being 0.01/0.02. I've been playing very patiently and waiting for the most opportune moments to grow my bankroll. My bankroll is up to $4.30 now after starting the year at $0.00.

Anways, I was dealt this hand UTG. I made a standard raise and then a villain re-raises me 3x. Normally, I 4 bet a hand like this but this opponent was a NIT. I never saw him 3 bet before and twice I saw him reach a showdown. 1st time he had a set of 10's and the second time he had the nut straight holding AK.


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I didn't even want to call the 3 bet. I put him on  range of JJ+. Previously he set mined with 10's so I took that out of his range. With my call I decided to re-evalute after the flop. The flop was awful to say the least. Everything in his range beat me, leading to my fold. However, If the flop was all small cards I would have been in a very difficult spot. Was my pre-flop play correct or should I have 4 betted? And also, was my fold correct after seeing the flop? Definitely the hardest hand I had today, so I decided to give it up with minimal losses.