Starting this year off with a $0.00 and growing it to $100 was my main goal for 2013. As the year goes by, I'm sure I will adjust my goals, make new ones, and focus more on short term monthly goals.

Anyways, as for long term goals, all is going well. I've been watching videos provided by poker school, reading the forums, etc etc.. Also, I've been playing very short sessions of fixed limit hold em to try and grow my bankroll. I cashed in the first WR2 of this year; a small amount, $0.44. Tried playing some limit hold em from there and now I'm at $2.56. Hardly a bankroll, but when I have all year to get to $100 it is an awesome start!

Patience is the key... and running good doesn't hurt either


Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner


The second hand is a situation that would most likely not occur in NL. In NL I'm sure I would be c-bet off this hand, but in FL I get better odds. Maybe not the right odds, but better odds for sure.


Good luck to everyone on their goals for 2013. Have fun at the tables!