dawn, see the league for what it is. a way to get money relatively easily
then play real poker with the funds you accumulated watching the clock tick down here and laugh
i still find myself actually playing hands in the first hour of a tournament sometimes.
crazy? self destructive? poker? the first hour is for clock killing and for donkey ducking
waiting for the donkeys to die
and you have to wait them out because they are calling you down with any two
and its just not worth it early
so you fold your queens and your AK
and you are almost strong enough to fold AA
but then it comes and of course the donk has q 4 sooted
but thedonk also has chips
and the donk is playing poker
while you watch the clock time down for the thirtieth time
thats ten minutes of clock you killed yourself in this tourney
you should be proud of that
ten minutes of survival
ten minutes of survival that equal 200 dead donks
and you are now 200 places higher on the board
and its not poker
but like charlie sheen YOU ARE WINNING
winning by playing like a loser
cleverly gaming a system
leaking the hours of your life away at a computer
while outside theres people to frolic in the sunshine with
sophomoric antics to mastermind
hotties of all shapes and flavors
so yeah, i get it
and spring cleaning doesnt have to just mean your apartment
you can clean up your thinking and re-evaluate whether or not its worth your time
read "winning poker tournaments one hand at a time" by apestyles, rizen and pearljammer
read how their minds work
all kinds of insights into playing tiny edges and guessing right and stealing tactics
ask yourself is that who i want to be?
do i want to analyze every little nuance of this and think and talk and act like some of those guys you see on tee vee who talk about triple range merging and independent chip models letting pharses live " positive EV" slip into their non poker related convos.
is your butt really that in love with your chair?
thats a real commitment there
your butt and that chair
do you think your chair and that butt can make it work?
if you really think that your butt and that chair can make it work then go ahead and give it a go girl
enjoy the new season
theres always gonna be poker for rainy days and winter
and until they make a beach proof laptop im afraid that my butt and this chair are going to spend some time apart
see how it goes in the real world
play a really really tight nitty style at harrahs chester
wait for the donkeys to impale themselves on my huge hands
enjoy the banter of real people without the carpal tunnel and eye strain that chatting on the computer cause
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