it doesnt matter how good your hand was when you got your chips in
this game is about deception and luck
if you reraise with your kings to 500 early in the going and get reraised you have to ask yourself
would he limp reraise with AA like that?
was he trying to isolate with that raise
whats the implication of going out now?
i raise all in
hes got AK off and this pig is happily wallowing in his sty
of course the flop is three spades and of course thats the suit his king is in...
and now the piggy is losing point instead of climbing the board
and the question is
whats the poker move
did you poker as hard as you could?
was the rish reward tolerable?
are you happy to be out,
satisfied with another one in the loss column?
knowing that the staistics are on your side do you whistle on your way to work or are you pissed that the top prize is again elusive
with the stack you get should lady fortune have been on your side are you going to become a bully and smash dreams on a deep dun or are you gonna sit on your stack like a hen and make sure you micro-cash and continue your baby step ascent of the leaderboard
how do you make this simulation pay off........
how do you insure that you are practicing perfectly?
persistent perfect practice produces paydays
the question to you is whats your pay grade?
you want that CEO compensation package or are you a pennyballer?
so many questions