playing in this competition is like driving with the worst kid of backseat driver you can imagine
DONT CALL THAT RAISE OUT OF POSITION ITS TOO WAY TOO EARLY screams a voice that sounds eerily like your mother as you reluctantly watch your time bank decline and say goodby to pocket 8's.
that kind of raise, this early, the raiser either has aces, kings or a serious aggression issue
take your time, wait 'em out, do the survival tango......
ace jack sooted starts to look like a speculative hand to a raise from under the gun that is 1/5th of your chips late in touney with a table full of monster stacks behind you.....
im not quite to the point in this where i would testify under oath that god hates me, it's not a vendetta,m more a lovers spat
he loves me
i love him
he wants me to appreciate him more in my life
OK ALL MERCIFUL THOR, i will supllicate my self to you at sundown at stonehenge and sacrifice you a passle of virgin goats
this is your last chance tho
buddha is trying hard to recruit me for his team
i like your thunder, its a great show, but buddha offers peace and patience and might be better sooted for me at this point in my game
there there .....buddha baby
its not you its me.....
its just rotten timing is all....