we have some "shrewd exploiters" of the system running down EVERY clock, going to their time bank on EVERY hand before acting....they think they are gaining an edge but what they fail to realize is they are missing hands at lower blinds.... wind up at a table with 2 or three of these clowns and be prepared to play one bb per orbit which is just plain BAD poker.... if you are playing the tight kind of poker that you should be milking the clock is counterproductive the blinds are going to hit HYPERSPACE after 2 hours...... if you keep milking you are looking at less hands per hour which is negative EV do a little reading about game theory and poker strategy or don't...... you aren't playing a strategy that wins poker tournaments you are playihg to cash spending 3 hours to win 2 cents in the real world you are getting your buy in back, maybe, but usually so shortstacked im calling you down with 4 8 sooted because i have a killing stack or i have moved on we need people like you in the games thank you for playing like a school of fish i appreciate your predictability you geniuses you