so now what do i do what dso i change? i change the king tilt so frustrating to be sitting with a table full of maniacs who are shipping piles across the table at each other calling calling checking checking not a card did i have then the kings show up i remember thinking let me scare them with a big raise so i grab about ten chips which is only 45000 into a pot with 20+20+10+15=65 easy call pay 25 he donks comply i need to find that thoughtful gear the one that got me there to the brink of the final table a table of loose new york sports fans gawd it was free money i became overconfident maybe saw the finish line instead of the ground in front of me he called me down with ace nine o well live and learn small adjustment to my internal poker bit and try again i find the play similar to here i find that this is great practice cards is cards this is cards live there is a little more soul reading a dude made a great laydown to me when i did my standard raise first to act with king he flats it dude who had ace nine kill my stack goes all in and i reraise all in he goes in the tank lokking and looking and folds his tens and is very proud of himself but hey u see that on line too i may have looked disgusted on the flop when i finally went out i may have hated it so that may have allowed dude to call again back to robot acting school my trash talk game was right on the chipleader/donk when we were at 8 tables was a bengal tiger and very agressive he was talking about balls lecturing the table i noticed that the chipstack makes you and expert so i sort of baited him but it never worked he kept ducking me there was free money all over the place and then the super tight dude nursing half stacks who you steal from ahhhhhhh ill figure this out sooner or later need more ninja robot training