this summer instead of playing random events i am going to focus on the borgata wednesday 120 buy in 15k gar. i cleared my schedule with the banquet hall and am ready to try. to try to learn how to beat this game. they usually chop at the final table...ill chop for 2 k or more...if i get there...then theres the deepstack on june 15th at the borgata...a few pso'ers will be there...hope to drink some java with them and talk shit.....except for the week of july 1st i will play in every weds am tourney at the place...just to see how my skills stack uo in a realitic sample size....ill document all results and post a trip report here for each outing...just to fill the forums with my drivel...ill be taking notes, not drinking and approaching this as a job, making alterations as i need to...ill be my own boss, but my boss is an asshole so ill have to play really well or else my boss will let me hear about it.... the 120 invested here has a lot more upside to the 120 invested in the midnight madnes drunk fests at the taj.... the pay out is bigger...the fields are bigger, it is the logical next step....if im going to play i may as well play at the game with the best upside..... buy ins and transportation costs will be around 1750..... which is what i have in my underwear drawer. we will call that my roll...lets see what happens to my roll when my investments are more calculated and less random..... just for giggles just for the purpose of growth just to see if i got it or not im starting may 27th this wednesday in order to get three good live practice runs in before the 560 buy in deepstack on the 15th so i can see the usual faces, get some surveillance in, get my bluff game on a friend of mine who for some reason thinks i am a nifty poker player wants to buy 10 percent of my action im thinking 350 is a fair number and i can apologize to this person for the rest of my life for losing their cash..... 1750/5= @350 = 13x120 plus round trip busfare to AC 14 tournies including the free one is what my investor will get 10 percent of cash recieved... i think thats fair..... i may also have a second and third live one over here i dont know what they are thinking maybe i should give them the emails of some of my detractors here at pso so as to talk some sense into them i mean i suck at poker my recent results aside that can be explained by variance i cant be gettin better some people here still call me their personal atm a personal atm who is 20 spaces above them in mtt rankings last time i checked! lol however it shakes out im going to document it here in brutal candor because this game is brutal but im not afriad of brutes i mashed their face into rugby fields on three continents when i was a brute myself i love brutality bring it on brutality is the coin of my realm but i would always wonder about myself if i didnt try this i have the time and perhaps the correct preparation the book "winning poker tournaments one hand at a time" by rizen, apestyles and pearljammer that i bought from the pso amazon store has changed my game made me more brutal lets see if its brutal enough the madness starts may 27th first trip report will bu up that night for analysis, laffs and i told you so's im putting my money where my mouth is lets see what happens!