i know i am a LAG...u whining about it wont change the way i play.....i have the tight gear too tho...that must be what it is that tilts people about me....my versatility.....i can play tight aggressive for 14 hours...i proved that....it wasnt fun, it was like work....LAGgy play however, is fun!.....here is a pacifier for the ones (and there are quitea few) who whine about my name...there is more than one profession in the world...why assume its poker i refer to? u have incomplete information.....i hold several certifications from state and national agencies that may or may not be expired and aren't drivers licenses....why you let a name tilt u so much?...lol.....you are way too sensitive!!!!! maybe my name is what i aspire to be maybe my name refers to a sport that i coach take a deep breath and play your a game and it will be alright if i dont chat back i may have put a red x on your name and blocked your chat i dont have time for blockheads in my fun time i deal with them enough at family gatherings! i certainly dont need to deal with your insecurities as i play a relaxing session of making great decisons so save your rude chat for the people that love you, or even better, save it for a face to face dialog at a real money game i look forward to your "a games" at the tables keep gunnin for me it keeps me sharp