ok in september the borgata runs its open and im redemminmg 560 more points to play NLHE the schedule is up on the brick and mortar borgata thread on page 11 the last time i played some points i made it to dinnerbreak before making a horrible brainfart with aces up i lost to better aces up but i learned that even though i hate the guy i shouldnt go in with a crappy hand back in may i converted 560 into 1400 when i took 20th in a wsop circuit event and i started to get drunk when we hit the payline i didnt want to play day two for some reason? i was afraid of success? it wasnt hard? i got cocky? but the bottom line is i was able to avoid landmines twice and go fairly deep against real live poker players. hoping the third time is the charm. ready to avoid the two hurdles i triopped over and to see what the next hurdle is. step one: have a mantra- the first event where i cashed i was determined to cash and represent pso to the best of my ability 12 hours later i decidded to get drunk and have fun....so i need a new mantra...one that lasts more than 12 hours. step two: don't personality tilt...let jerkos be jerkos...take their mannies when u can.....wait for it.....wait for it...even if its POORKER who pwned me in the live pso on tour AC extravanganza.....whens the next one? poorker and i will be in AC...whose coming???? step three: bring aspirin for the headache you always get six hours into this high anxiety decision filled day.... step four: pack a nutritious snack bag for constant energy replacement during the tourney, and handiwipes for the chips....these are some unhygenic mofo's step five: TURN SP"S INTO LIFE CHANGING MONEY, and live the same frugal lifestyle as now with a few extra years of not having a job....remember poker success means i dont have to work for idiots anymore....maybe this is part of the new mantra...... (to be continued)