turned 100 into .03 cents in a few days work and a hundred a month is the online poker budget then i saw the 25 billionth hand promo at stars and leveraged march poker futures in pursuit of a 1000-1 shot multi tabling on micro limit poker with six tables out of 26,000 and coming as close as 15 hands away from the payoff hand which was very exciting in live results the tattoed metal dudes keep inviting me to their mixed pot limit omaha nl holdem game up 430 for the month, @ 100 every monday with one losing session where i was five bucks to the bad side. won 2 of three bar tournaments i played, the third i got my buy in back finishing third for plus 320 after tips and buying a round hit AC and met jackson84 and his buddy who were killing the locals in the cash games took a shot at the borgata 30k garunteed as a warm up for my march 7th pso 560 point redemption at the ceasars circuit event #4 need to work on slowing down the game a little i think ill ask myself questions each time its my turn to act who what where when why who is raising me? why are they limping? where is this hand going if i raise here why did i raise my AA to 3000 2nd to act with jackson in the bb 3000 was a standard raise there, but no action o well jackson made cash in the second tourney we played he must be ready for the big time he asked me for commentary on his play but all i can say is that the white russians wre tasty note to self dont drink next week picked up another tennis coaching job for spring so if i am harry the pro maybe its harry the tennis pro maybe im a donkey i could stink at poker i need to resteal if im going to survive the big tourney to learn to resteal or to get really lucky