a rugby buddy asked me why i wasnt online for cash he respects my game i didnt have an answer for him so i put 100 in and today recieved a check for 2000 us dollars as a result of a good 2 weeks work sure i got lucky thats the name of the game even a broken watch is right twice a day i was right twice last month took a 12 dollar turbo 180 down three handed at end im doing my aggression dance chip leader gets tired of me puts half his stack in i smell a steal it reeked i shove HE FOLDS! im chippie and i know how to brutalize them when they are looking at the diff between 2nd a third place money 100 bucks plus 100 plus reasons to raise !!!!! now i got 600 plus in my account i m rich i play PLO ring games i lose 200 in a hand i post it in hand analysis forum and think id do it again i play PLO to GAMBLE it may be a leak but its fun the fun is starting to ebb and i feel like an addict a week into it im down to 200 but playing well bubbles is my name i play 27.50 tourney 1400 im tight i move in with 55 aa calls me but i turn a lovely 5 and reckon its my day my aa holds up i bad beat kings with sixes my strategy is to fold alot but when my chips get to about half of the average stack i push with any pair and its working in the moeny five dollar jumps every 40 players who bust all of a sudden we are in the fifties boring poker i start to steal all in preflop vs shorter staxx then i notice min raises dothe same job... folding any raised pot folding ace ten suited on button to a early position raiser foling aq to same folding small pps and stealing in late position 20 left the real money is around the corner 120 more bux if you make it to 18th i steal more and we are at 200 dollar payday i steal more and am seventgh in chips when i min riase with aa and call his all in seventh pays 1200 i want that i only target smaller stax and they start dissapearing down to ten im fourth in chips big pay jumps on final table 500 buck jump from to 7 to 6 to 5 to 4 will i fold an ace for 500? yes i will! four left i am half a stack and make a move i am called by kk vs my ace ten i lose but have a 2800 dollar smile on my face! got the check for 2000 today donked the rest off because i like to take shots ty for the tight lessons pso this shit really works!!!!!