I dont know what my neighbors are doing, downloading huge files when I am in a big hand, but the drywall in my crap palace is taking a beating. Just last night in the pso shootout i cagily half raised my top trips only to see the pso software wink out. two holes in the wall and five minutes lated I see that the board paired on the last card and the pot was reraised. Oh well....That's the price I pay for jacking their signal, for being too cheap to buy a monthly internet subscription... Later in the same tournament, I' in the middle of dellightful conversation with the hot mime and candy 7's and it goes out again. With a flush on boars and myself holding the caseace, thinking I can repop it and steal it and be dominant. This time it takes ten minutes and nothing happens so I have to climb up thru my crawl space to my roof. Atop the peak there is a place to baleance the laptop on an exhaust vent. I can't chat up there because it's so friggin dark. I'm alright with chips and cant chat because i am a type by sight so now the hot mime trop and candy think im an a stuck up ahole, but the worst thing about it is I think it's starting to rain... SO watch my betting patterns closely. If I am all in it may be that I have you dead to rights or I may be on the top of a slickening roof, trying to shield my lapptop from the thankfully sporadic drops. I'm saving up cash for the 50k so I can play in the bar that has wireless. I hope they don't mind my being in my normal playing attire of vintage skivvies and a smile!