won 50 bucks after getiting the chiplead early and hanging on to it. i think i went all in on the third hand with a club draw and two postflop allins. i think the odds were close to right because none of the LOLholes made an appearance. took a hit or two to my monster stack with a coupla loose calls but shifted gears when the tables seemed to be getting frisky and banging back at me. other contenders loomed as we got under twenty and i was happy to be a top four or five stack while they attacked each other with their AK vs A9 for about an hour or so. things quieted down so i started stealing again...after so much folding they must have imagined i was getting cards again. i hit a flop or two and my bankroll grew. refreshing all in with the second place dude. the diff in pay was ten bucks. so we went all in every hand and got it over with. thats the way to do it. with stacks so big in relation to the blinds we couldve dinked and dukled it out all night. now, if this was one of those LOLholes, we might still be playing..... i did not have the right kind of stack to play my table captain game in the other tournaments. never got rollling. but you got to take what the poker gods give you and thank hansen for hittiing your flops..