There is more to the game of poker than waiting for big aces or pp's. Raises tell you what you are playing against, and give your opponents a chance to do the right thing and muck their cards. The chips in the middle of the table are mine. Just understand that principle and we will get along fine. If you want to type "lol" after a hand I play, you won't learn anyting. I might just have a reason. The "lol" you type might make you appear to be the far superior player to others iat the table, or may even be a way to fight the pain of recent chip-loss but it isn't teaching you why the hand played itself out the way it did. I will take a cheap draw if your greed makes you bet too little with your "unbeatable" holding, with the cards you've waited hours for, while i accumulate chips small bite after small bite. If you ever want to know what I was thinking, I'll be happy to share, as long as you are not one of those "know it all" LOLHOLES. This is a school. I'm happy to talk poker. Unless my chat is making my computer lose it's weak internet connection that is. I want you to get better so I can play against better competition and thus become better as well. Just don't pretend you know everything about poker because you read a few posts on 2+2. Right now I'm "beta-testing" a concept called "table captain" I hear stories all the time, Ivey was at my table and he was raising every hand, Matasow raise 36 times in a row and took them all down. That's what Im trying to figure out how to do....It's up to you to try to beat me...Good luck to you!