Well it happened....finally.  Was playing a PCA event and made the bubble.  Was very close to not happening but we got down to the final 12 with the top 9 being paid out as well as a Final tourney ticket.  When I say it was close believe me it came down to two solid plays by me.  First play I had AK offsuit which is a love hate relationship with me.  Had the small stack with 1700 chips and BB was 200.  I was mid position with the BB being 2nd largest stack.  Went all in and he called with a 5& 6 of clubs.  He thought I was all or nothing I am guessing.  Well hit the flop of 6H 4C 8C....sitting with nothing and he has mid pair and flush draw.  Next card is KH....o.k ahead now but still coin toss win.  Final card comes and it is the J of Spades....doubled up.  Nice.  Now I am 2nd low stack and in Small Blind of 100.  Have pocket Q's and I raise to 500.  BB  re-raises to 1500 and I freeze.  We have 11 people now and I could go all in and lose on the bubble again.  I fold a good hand and he shows his pocket A's....wow I made the right play.  Down to 10 people now and still 2nd smallest stack.  Hold tight...very tight folding mid pairs and nothing played but high pockets or my usual suited QK or better...Well as you know I made it to the top 9 and got paid as well as a Final ticket.  So finally made me the bubble burster and got rewarded for my very tight play.