BY: Julius Pinson


WHAT’S UP WITH ALL THE LADIES IN THE HOUSE!!!!!! Yes they are here and they are here to stay. I for one am glad they are. I cannot tell a lie, I did not think that way back in the day. But, it takes a big man to say he was wrong. I was wrong and for that I am not proud I believed that way. It hurts my heart that I used to behave that way.

I would not sit at a table if a lady was seated there. I thought it was just bad luck. I was also in the Navy back when it was assumed to be unlucky to have a female on board during some missions. Yes I know, stupid. One cannot see the forest from being stuck in a tree. I do thank the Poker Gods above that I have seen the light.

I see a lot of crap, even to this day, that poker players of the female gender have to go through because of jerks like I used to be. This game is hard and stressful, if you want to do well in it. Being a female in the game, I can’t even imagine the things they have to put up with. I for one feel like an ass for what I said and did before I changed my way of thinking. I still see the abuse and attempt to deride other players going on today. I felt I owed an apology to those I may have wronged and thus I write this blog as my way of making up for being a male pig, if you will. Being a redneck southern, 4x4 driving, tobacco dipping, Bud Light drinking, poker player that many know, I am the perfect dude for the job. Direct from the source if you will. (LoL) Not all men are like this I know, but I was, and for that I am sorry.

You may be asking yourself what the [bleep] does this have to do with poker. In this day and age, a lot so shut up and read! You just may learn something on how the other and sometimes better half plays while saving yourself a few bucks in the process. Females have cost me some coins at the table due to the way I played them. They got our number boy’s, and it’s no one’s fault but our own! The truth of the matter is my Alpha male [bleep] could not stand it if I said I was beat by a female. That is the truth, I feared losing to them and the grief I would get from the guys if I did.

Prior to getting into the meat of this blog I have to set the stage. This is Poker School On Line, like in traditional school you have your history classes. So here I will touch on some of our poker history because one has to know where they came from to know where they are going. (That is deep but so true.)

Females were not even allowed to play in a non-lady like games in Europe, during the revolution in France and elsewhere. Yet females fought side by side with the men in France’s Revolutionary War. They earned the right in a man’s eyes to sit and play cards with them. If they were good enough to die they were good enough to play. As these ladies found their way to the new world of the great U.S. of A. they developed a love for the game and wanted to continue play. At first the men were NOT having any of it in the poker rooms. Instead females established underground games or formed their own groups to play in. Some were deep stacked as well. They made their cash off male players who thought that females were weak of mind (until she kicked him elsewhere with the nuts).

Back in the saloon days there were females around the poker tables. Most were not there to play the game of poker. They had a different game they were playing with the men. Many learned how to play poker from what they picked up hanging around the tables but they made their money doing other things in the saloon, in rooms set aside upstairs for just that purpose. So the thought of a lady in a saloon was unheard of for any reason except one. A few female poker players did make their mark however. Calamity Jane, a friend and supposed romantic interest to Doc Holiday, was one and worked the saloons at the tables with the male players. However the most famous female gambler of the 1800’s has got to be Poker Alice, Alice Ivers, who during the course of 60 years of poker play amassed over $225,000 (a fortune back in those days). Alice would travel all over the country to gold and boom towns with people flocking in just to see her play. Her motto said it all, “Praise the Lord and place your bets, I’ll take your money with no regrets.”

Oh yes, even to this day I hear, “Oh, goodie. YUM! YUM! We got girls at the table, it’s time to get paid and maybe get lucky.” What?! If you think that way, you may as well hand them over your cash and go watch a movie. Save yourself some time and money. That is what they want us to think. I have talked to some live female cash players and asked them why they were wearing outfits that showed off “the girls”. A female player once told me, “It is poker baby, when they are looking at me they are not paying attention to their cards.” I told her that was cold and it was. But a male will fall for it time and time again. Granted not all female poker players do that. Some have their other tricks, the little flirt, a little extra giggle, etcetera. DON’T FALL FOR IT! You have to play a female player like they want to poke you in the eye with a pen so you can’t see your cards while they take all your chips as they give you a little flirty giggle and wave goodbye.

Oh yes my friends, I can feel them smiling now as they read this. All the cash they made off our male stacks, testosterone and egos. I thought they were weak, I played them that way and they took my chips and told me how lucky they got as I nodded my head in agreement. I know that I am not the only male player that has fallen into this trap because that is how the male mind thinks. THAT IS NOT HOW TO PLAY POKER! The female players are just as good as you or I, many even better. They have more patients therefore they do well at a game that takes patients. They have to have tolerance to put up with a man like me for sure. I hope you can see this. If you’re still in the mind set of a woman belonging in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant and not at the poker tables, you have another thing coming, my friend. I invite you to read the “Women in Poker” forum threads to see some of the funny spectacles men have made of themselves in their struggles to “beat the girl” or justify their bad beats by one.

Look at the many pro poker players who are females now in the game. Barbara Enright is in no less than 3 Poker Hall of Fames. Kristin Bihr just took home nearly $30K at the PCA 2011 $1,000 buy-in event. She went in via a satellite for $81, not a bad ROI! Until you start making money at the poker tables such as the likes of Kathy Leibert, Vanessa Selbst, Annette Obrestad, Vanessa Rousso, Jennifer Harman Traniello, JJ Liu, Annie Duke, Liv Boeree, the Black Mamba and many others you would be very wise to keep you gender related thoughts to yourself. They will play you brilliantly, trapping you, with their aggressive play and leave you in the dust as they climb their way to that big pay day we serious poker players are all after.


Even to this day, I see females catching hell at the tables. Guy’s following them from table to table, stalking them in their desperate attempt for affection. I have even read where males are using female avatar’s to get favorable play. I have seen men calling them the B word (and other gender derogatory terms) when a female player felts them. Why? Why do this? Why make an ass out of yourself and bring the game of poker that we love down? They have the right to be on the tables as well.

Poker Stars and the PSO will not put up with abuse of any player nor is it a pick up point. There are plenty of other online “dating” sites if that is what you’re after. PSO does not mention them as female players. Why? We are all players on an equal playing field. No need to mention that they are females. They are first and foremost poker players like you and I.

Mrs. Enright reached the final table of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) $10,000 no limit Hold'em Main Event in 1995, finishing in 5th having qualified through a $10 online satellite. She was the first woman to win two WSOP bracelets, the first woman to win three bracelets and the first woman to win an open event at the World Series of Poker. How many men can say that? Why are there not more world champions that are females? It is a matter of math, men out number females 10 to 1 at the tables. That’s all. Many chose not to play due to the added stress of starting out as underdogs due to their gender in a male dominated sport. I think that is a shame. Many would have become great and could have added a lot to the game we love. In fact females have authored or co-authored poker books with the methods you use at the table today. I KNOW RIGHT! Is that a shock to you? It’s not to me.

I no longer see FEMALE POKER PLAYER’S. I see them for whom they are. POKER PLAYER’S like you and I. Show any player you meet the respect and etiquette the traditions of the game calls for. I no longer fear nor get distracted by female tactics or ploys. I play my hand and I play them like I would any other player. I go to the poker table to win cash to pay my bills, not to get a date. I can tell you EVERY player out there is only at the table for the money. If they are not then they are not serious about winning the game and are easy pickings to fatten your bankroll.

Well ladies, I want to hear from you. Feel free to tell your stories in the comment section of this blog so that new female players can read them and learn what to expect and watch out for. If you took money from chauvinistic male players, I would be glad to hear how you did it. Go ahead and check out Pro on online Player Roxy24’s(Team Poker Stars Pro) forum threads at the PSO, Women in Poker. Tell her BUDA505 sent you. I want the male players to read those comments and leave some of their own. There are more fools out there just like I use to be, losing money because we thought female players were “different”, this I know. A pro player will not underestimate ANY player. They will play them on how they play. This is how to win and why I am here.

I know this does not atone for all the negativity I dished out to the ladies in our game. I hope it will help compensate for some with a promise to be a fine southern gentleman from here on out to ALL that I meet both on and off the felt. So good luck players.


Julius Pinson (Poker Pro)