by Julius Pinson
POKER IS A SITUATIONAL GAME. The PSO is a situation all to its own. Yes, player “aquadad” is correct. There is nothing like the PSO in any literature out there. I came in here with decades of live poker skills and with all kinds of poker knowledge and still got beat like a piñata till my happy candy chips hit the felt and landed in some other players stack. I was pissed. I could not understand what the [bleep] was going on. Some players were throwing chips at me like they were in a gentleman’s club, others I took my hat off for and placed it over my heart imagining they had died in front of their screens. I thought they had passed on, like I would like to playing poker, as their time clocked ticked on. Then Click! Last second fold.

I was told that online players play in a different way altogether with other disciplines that I would have to learn to become a good online player. After seeing this type of play, I thought the PSO was a new type of poker altogether. I was not aware of what or how they were playing. I was trying to build my stack to go for the win and did not understand why others were not doing the same. I was even called a donk because I did not play the way they were. Me a donk, ranked 32nd most popular player on POKER MTT out of the top 200 in the world. A DONK!  Well OK! All good then, I am still learning this on-line style of play. MY BAD! LOL( I posted that list in the forum so you will see it for yourself , I am talking to the player that called me a donk LOL its all good though. I am having fun with it no worries Bro.)

I have been schooled to change my play to the situation the table presents me. You read that in every poker book ever published. A good player can change it up and shift gears on the fly. I watched what the top 100 players did for weeks and did not even play a game. I also watched how the MTT’s cash games were played. I watched the WCOOP players play on the FT‘s. All three presented different situations.

This is a new player’s intro to the PSO:

Welcome to PSO from Daniel Negreanu:

“First, I'd like to officially welcome you to PSO. As your resource to learn poker and improve your poker game, this is the best poker community on the Internet. It offers many ways to learn the game, including the opportunity to practice your skills at the world's largest poker site -- PokerStars.

Read more: Welcome to PSO from Daniel Negreanu - Poker School Online: Learn Poker Strategy, Odds and Tells”

Mr. Negreanu welcome states to me that we have the opportunity to practice our skills at the world’s largest poker site. That is true. WE MAKE PSO WHAT IT IS! YOU MAKE PSO WORK FOR YOU!

In my opinion, to play to win in the PSO you must play how the top 100 ranked players play. It’s that simple. It may not be good poker to some, but it is PSO poker IMO. I use the PSO to learn online play and practice the skills I already know. I can change gears and use my skills in MTT cash games as well. I can go play larger MTT cash games like player “hobojim11247” did. He gave credit to the PSO for his win. A win for you is a win for the PSO. We have a member of the PSO going to the Bahamas; a ticket he won here at Pokerstars. He is yet another player who gave thanks to the PSO.

I give thanks to the PSO and all those that have and continue to help me. The PSO is just a stepping stone in your poker life. There will come a day that many will have out grown the PSO in knowledge. If so you have received a somewhat free education do to the PSO.

I will always pop in and out of the PSO no matter where my poker life takes me. I have dear friends here. I enjoy reading JDean’s forums. No that monitors like Trumpinjoe are on the job to keep order. A “Budaaaaaa” from !!!111Dan is always a bright spot in my day. I find instruction from the likes of TheLangolier, Dave very helpful. Seagull_2005 never fails to entertain me with posts on the forum “As the Pokerstars Turns” series as I named it, which never fails to make me feel better about myself and my life conditions. He even brings up good points in his own way. . I love that guy, lol. Player “moxie pip” offers words of comfort and wisdom to me in a no BS kind of way. These players and so many more have become my PSO family and for that I am thankful for lessons learned here on this site.

This is a community that has evolved all to its own. We have old school players from the old PSO and we have new players. One thing is always constant, they are all our players. The PSO is who we are. Wrong or right, WE EACH MAKE UP THE PSO!! We are all the PSO. Like any other family we need to stick together, learn what we can from each other and grow the best we can as poker players. We should treat each other, like family, with respect and honor. Many do just that.

We have lost PSO family as of late. As some pass on others take their place. It takes a community to raise a donk. Yes, like our own teenage kids they piss us off, but they need to learn as well. I take the best of what I learned here and make it my own.

I have enjoyed all the comments here and you all make very good points. I have been a member for 8 months, but have only played for a few. I needed to learn how deep the water was and even checked out other sites. After careful study, I believe this is the best place to learn on-line poker play. I would not be here if I did not think so. Poker is how I pay my bills, so here I am side by side with you learning online play. I am glad I am and thank all of you for the bits of online Poker I will take with me.

Very special thanks to Sue Fischer my freind who works over this stuff so you can read it.  Bleeping good book author as well.  I also want to thank FLcrackr. He is my Poker Pal and my Navy bro. My what the bleep phone call away dude. I also want to thank all the members of the PSO thanks for playing.

Well good luck all, see you on the felt.

Julius aka BUDA505