LEARN POKER SPEAK AND Etiquette (Part 1 of 2)

By Julius Pinson

We take our poker jargon for granted and sometimes forget that the outside world does not always understand what we are talking about. Yes, we in the poker world have our own lingo which has ripened as the game has evolved. One must learn this poker language if they plan to become any kind of player in this game.

Playing for more than four years as first a semi-pro and now a professional I have learned a thing or two. Players ask me questions at the table or in private messages. Because they are learning the online play as I am, I take what time I can from my play and answer their questions the best I can on poker subjects. I have used what many call “poker speak” to explain some moves or happenings to answer these questions. Replies I get back from some of you are “What?” What was this word or what does that mean. Even my own co-writer, for my book and blogs, has to ask the meanings and definitions of words or terms that are tossed around the poker tables by guys that have been around for a while.

As an example a fellow player once stated and I quote “I would never look up those donk fish net’s whom would not know the difference from the nut nuts from going south ever again. You can muck them in the trash and the online poker thing and throw it over the rail.” These were strong words, my friend, and most of them of them not good.

A new word that I learned in the online poker realm came to me the hard way. I had my first “miss-click”, at a final table none the less. I miss-clicked 36 thousand chips away on a call that should have been a fold. I was not aware that this could happen and for sure did not know that there was a word for it. I cannot remember the last time I was on a category 5 tilt. It was a full blown Phil Hellmuth moment. One miss-click and there I was profaning in a few different languages, one of them being in a tongue that no one could understand, including me. For those who do not know of Mr. Hellmuth, he is best known for holding a record 11 World Series of Poker bracelets, winning the Main Event of the 1989 World Series of Poker, a member of the Poker Hall of Fame and for his temperamental, "poker brat" personality.

This new word I learned, “miss-click”, I now have full comprehensive and “been there done that” experience of its meaning for damn sure. I am a smarter player for it and went on to win the tournament. Thus learning poker speak can help you with your live or online play. How can one get the full meaning of live training or training of any kind for that matter, if they sit there like a deer in the head lights, wondering what a word or a phrase means and miss the point of the trainer? Sure there is rewind, but I am of the old school of poker. Time is money and to get money I have to spend my time wisely. So the more time I take trying to learn a subject of my job, poker, is less time I have to make money at it. But I can honestly say from experience that a bit of time spent learning the nomenclature of poker will be well worth it.

The words and phrases you hear in our world of poker were rolled off the tongues of the many poker players before us. Some of these words or phrases we will never know their exact origin. Know that the words and phrases were given life by poker players in smoke filled dusty rooms or around a table in a home game back in the day. Some words date back to the Wild West in the pub’s and saloons, just as far back as the origin of the game itself yet new words were being coined as game play continues. Yes you are in the mist of tradition my friends and the game should be treated with respect.

Become a better Poker player by learning the poker speak before you find yourself on a countdown to busto with your doom switch flipped. Take note my friend I am here tapping the glass to get you to see you do not need to be a donator for long.

If you go to the home page of the PSO at Pokerschoolonline.com and click on support at the far right on the top of the page, then scroll down that page until you find the words “Poker Terminology”, then click on that you will find a fairly comprehensive glossary of commonly used poker words. Yes there are sites available such as PokerTerms.com and others and I suggest you take the time, perhaps when you are sitting on the throne with nothing else to do (besides well you know …), you may pick up one, two or even three things. The support is out there for you and many other poker players so be sure and thank those who have invested their time to help make you a better player. Yes my friend you will be tested on your knowledge of poker and the terminology connected with it. The test will be graded by how well you do and will be shown by how well you progress in your knowledge of the game and improve your bank. Checkout the “Library” and “Live Training” tabs, located on the pokerschoolonline.com web site, to help you with your poker play. It is that important.

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