By Julius Pinson (Poker Pro)

If you think the term “Master Baiter” came from or is a play of words from the other word (Bleeeeeeep) you are wrong my friends. Being a Master Baiter is something you do not take lightly. I as a professional poker player take this phrase to be a very serious weapon to have in my bag of tricks. My friends, I am a MASTER BAITER! If you are a serious poker player, YOU SHOULD BE A MASTER BAITER TOO!

MASTER BAITER: A Poker Player who baits other poker players in a masterful way.

(Source POKERTERMS.COM) This is in the rules of Pokerstars BLOG RULES (to quote the source of the information for discussion)

Yes I know! If you have never heard this poker term before, I know you are laughing, or at the minimum have a smile on your face. Yes, my friends I am not stupid by any means. I have a smile on my face thinking of the smile on your face and your LOL. Why? Many of you know the game but do not know poker speak. This is why the Members Blog is here, so we can share information and learn how to master bait in a better way. To get to the head of the problem and work it out.

Some of you are still laughing, stop it and focus please.

I know now why some Professional Players do not cover the topic of Master Baiting. It is hard to do with new players through the chuckles, smirks, giggles, and the laughing. I chose to discuss it in a fun way and in keeping to the high standards of the PSO, which I hold true, as a professional. I find learning in a fun way to be helpful.

Master Baiting is (yes, I said it again, quit giggling like a school girl) a term used by Pro’s to encompass the total tricks one has in to lure someone into betting, calling, folding, or going all in because they think you are bluffing. There are other words and methods that also come under the umbrella of the term master baiter. When used in a textbook manor one can say I masterfully baited him. Would you like to learn how to become a better master baiter? Well read on my friend for I will define what a master baiter is. Hopefully I will give you ideas on how to become a master baiter and how to use this tool to masterfully bait your opponents out of their chips. Beware however one should MASTER BAIT WITH CARE! Done correctly you will see your stack grow and grow while your opponents sit in wonder with shocked and dismayed expressions on their faces.

I had a PSO member message me and state that his game had hit a brick wall. He said he was playing textbook poker, playing 9% of his hands in position, betting how he was instructed, and excreta. Yet his game had stalled. Well fellow PSO member I know the answer to your problem. You my friend are not a MASTER BAITER. Yes, it is true. A master baiter as defined is a poker player that can bait others into a situation that is then used to ones advantage.

Anyone serious about winning, taking home the prize or just trying to get ahead, keeps a careful eye on the competition. It’s a dog eat dog world my friend on the felt. Usually the big dogs win however being a Master Baiter gives everyone with this tool in their belt a chance to win big. I track players on this site, you may follow players and no doubt other players are watching you or me. My blog on the RED-YELLOW-GREEN rating system helps new poker players easily tag their opponents. No doubt someone has noted you as a tight(NIT) player and is tracking your play. They know you play only good starting hands and in what positions. The pros and those successful in the game of poker are ever watchful and learn the betting patterns of their opponents. They will play their competitors based on previous play. There is however a way to “throw a monkey wrench” so to say into their game play. I am going to say it again. Learn how to Master Bait well. Relax, loosen up, master bait them into thinking that is how you are going to play next time. Bait them into thinking you are bluffing a lot then spring your trap. I recommend practicing becoming a Master Baiter on freeroll games so you do not hurt your standings on the leader board. Use this on players you may be tracking here as well when you feel you have Master baiting down.

Ok so how does one Master Bait? I am telling you now so that can up your level of play. When the blinds are low and you have a player that you have been tracking isolated, you have been watching his betting patterns, and have somewhat of a decent position, call him to the river with a hand that may have some outs to win. I recommend you low ball play as you master bait. Keep the pot low. For all you know he may even be trying to trap you into calling. You know he is doing this because you know his play. This is why you chose to bait him. Ride this down to the river. You may lose some chips but the blinds and calls are low. As an example: call the BB 30, min call 4th street 30, min call the river 60. 120 chips down if you lose. You may suck out on him and win which is a really good pay off because you already wrote those chips off as bait. You masterfully baited the line. Now the BB is at 100 and you set the hand as before. This time you have a good starting hand like the hands you have been playing. You bet or call the exact same way, call or bet min the BB 100, call or bet min 4th street, 100, call or bet min the river with the nuts at 100. You show the nuts and he thinks you were playing a poor hand as before and now you have a 300 chip pot rack.

Remember though poker is a situational game, if you have kk and the board flops a straight draw, the situation has changed, bet to protect your hand. Define the situation as the hand develops. Practice master baiting in a format that does not hurt your bank or your points, you may find you like to master bait!

I Master Baited a PSO tournament player I have been tracking. I rolled over a J9o losing hand. The guy said BUDA that was a bad call for a Pro. He was sniffing the bait and I cracked a smile because I knew what was coming. We continued the game when 8 hands latter I found myself with the same set up. I had the same betting pattern, except this time on the river, I over bet with the nuts to make it look like a bluff and then he called, BAM, I reeled him in along with a nice stack of his chips. Master Baiting broadens the range of hands you play. Your competition does not know you quite as well as he thought he did.

You may not win a lot of chips or gain big and there is a certain amount of risk for sure however the pay off in the end is that your opponent does not know what you are going to do the next time around. Odds are they know your play better than any. After you have successfully master baited them they will spend days trying to understand what you just did and why. He may even think you were sick or made a mistake. You mixed up your play. You shifted gears. Master baiting takes practice and good timing. If you learn how to use this powerful tool well you can become a MASTER BAITER like me. If you find yourself sitting across me at the felt someday with a dazed and confused look on your face after I master Baited you, just smile my friend, because I will be. You were Master Baited by a professional. Enjoy it and learn from what just happened to you.

I am a Pro cash game player and know that the future of poker is online. I as an old school player did not trust online play at first. I was intimidated by the new computers in general. True I went to a very good collage, however in my day we used BASIC and had big green and white lined paper in our Volkswagen size printers. I needed to practice my tournament play and improve my game while honing my skills. The PSO has been a very good way to do just that while meeting people from all walks of life. I can play for free and keep my cash game bankroll that I worked so hard for intact. Years ago I lost 18 thousand dollars learning how to play poker as a Pro starting out, I figured a bit of cerebral cultivation (schooling) and practice on the free tables was a much better (and cheaper) idea to learn online play now.

Time is money and I am using my time to learn how to make money in my profession on this site. I had the knowledge of the game of poker when I started this online stuff but was not proficient at it online. It’s much harder to see a bluff coming when you can’t look your opponent in the eyeballs. So here I am practicing with you, sharpening my tools for the live action games calling my name. I am putting my time to good use. The PSO makes it easy if you just put the work into it. My advice to you my friends is to read the forum topics of other good online players. Go to the PSO library and search topics you want to study. Practice those skills until you are proficient at them. Do it in a manner that you don’t hurt yourself, your family or your bankroll. Last month my ranking at the PSO was in the 9000’s range. I took the time needed to learn my new computer as well as how the game was played online. At the time of this writing I am now ranked at 290.

So you see my friends learning to be the best Master Baiter is just one of the tools you be can use to move up the ranks.

It won’t be long until I am back at the live cash games again with sharper skills moving ever closer to that big payday at the WSOP, in Vegas baby. I may not play as much then, here at the PSO, but will stop in from time to time to write a blog or two so that I can stay in touch with my friends. My blogs here are my way of giving back to the PSO for all they have done for me and are my way of saying thank you for making me a better online Professional Poker Player. Be sure and look for my book coming out in 2011 for lots of helpful advice on how you can become a better player as well.



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