I play to live, I have bills that need to be paid and yet I have to balance out that with my poker dreams. If you have to work at a non poker job and pursue your poker dreams at the same time so be it.  It is vital that your adventure to achieving those dreams doesn’t hurt you or your family.  If they see you taking this approach of responsibility they will gain respect for you and soon come around to your side if they have not been backing you 110%.   A Professional Poker player does take responsibility for all aspects of his life including personal hygiene, eating well, working out, making sure there is a roof over his family’s head and proper food on the table, his family is well provided for.  A Professional Poker player and his family are happy if he is playing ALL of his cards right. And I am not talking about just the 52 contained in the deck. A happy poker player is a good poker player.
There are many aspects of the Play to Live player’s game.  Food, Clothes, Shelter, Family, Friends, Bank Roll and so much more are all bits and pieces interwoven into the overall game we call life. Think about it. Life as a professional poker player is not easy and no one said it will be. If you have been grinding it, playing poker, while trying to keep the rest of your life in balance, you my friend know what I am talking about. Respect to you my friend, hang in and hang on, it gets better. When you hit the six figure win, you and yours can step back and reflect on all the hard work you have put in and give thanks.
This is what I write about; help those who want help, and informing those that should stay as a Play to Play Player. This life is not for everyone, those that are no longer with us because they took the extreme way out due to their failures in this life; well I wish I was there for them sooner. One of the greatest minds in poker and a three time world champion, Stu Ungar, died alone in a motel room in Las Vegas of a drug overdose. He made and lost millions in his short life. If you find yourself struggling to be a poker player or have gotten in over your head, there is information on how you can responsibly gamble at the bottom of the home page under “Responsible Gaming”. I say read it, it’s never too late.  If you see a player that has problems help them get the help they need. I care and want you to have this number and site. Go there, read it, call it and make things better for yourself. PokerStars put that number there for a reason. One should read it just to know the signs of trouble if nothing else.
It is vitally important that the game of poker be played responsibly for that is the only way you will ever truly win.  It is essential that you remain in control of the game and not let it control you. You play the game, don’t let it play you.  How do you determine if poker is controlling you rather than you controlling it? Check out the section titled Self-exclusion for 6 simple questions you can ask yourself.   If you pass this test, great.  If not, get help.
For those of you that have a family (as well as those of you that do not) print out the general guidelines listed under the section “How to play online poker responsibly” on the above mentioned site.  Go over these guidelines; discuss them with your friends and family. Make them feel confident that you are taking responsibility for your job, your family and your life. One should remember, only your wife and your mama give a damn about your crying, due to bad beats on the poker table. However; We as poker players should care and take care of each other the best way we can when there are real problems.
Well yet another blog, I find it hard to talk about such a complex subject with so few words. Do me a favor, there are stars at the top left, rate this blog so I know if I am on track with info you as players want to hear.  If you want to read more of my blogs click at bottom left of this page. Feel free to message me or leave comments on the blog. If there is anything else I can cover or share with you from my poker life just ask. Checkout the “Library” and “Live Training” tabs, located on the web site, to help you with your poker play. No need to re-invent the wheel, PokerStars has done an excellent job to help you do that. I want to help you with your life so you can be a better poker player or know if a Pro or semi-Pro life is not for you. If not just have fun and we all thank you for playing.
Some have called me a life coach, but I am more like a life guard. I know how deep the water is and will share that with you. I will also throw you a floatation devise to help you stay afloat above water. Then give you CPR if you get in trouble. This is why I am writing these blogs as well as a book on the subject.
Till next time my friends, it’s time for me to go to work. Good, luck!