by Julius Pinson

Did you ever have one of those days when all you wanted to do was sit and play but life kept getting in the way? Dogs Barking, Kids Crying, Honey Do’s coming out the ears. You just want to tell them to shove it all …. Well I don’t have to tell you. It takes a lot of work and grinding to build up that bankroll, earn a living, pay those bills and it’s hard enough without constant demands for your attention. If you work from home and have a family you know what I am talking about. A player emailed me with a dilemma that may sound like a minor one to most, but if you are in his position, with his aspirations to become a Pro, it is no small matter. It is vital that your family understand that you have a job to do and while your “work hours” may not be set in stone, the hours do have to be put in. No Play -- No Pay and sometimes when you do play it don’t even pay out.

If you are a serious player you need your families support or at least to respect your decision to want to pursue this as a profession, I have some advice for anyone that wants to make a living at this game. The best approach is a head on, heart to heart discussion with those concerned and whom lives will be affected. Have the books you have purchased, site statistics printed out from WSOP, NAPL, LAPT, etcetera of winners with the prize money they have won. Have your PokerStars account handy (if you are doing well along with past larger wins). Note: You may want to win sometime big before you do this as well depending on how your family thinks. If you are a college student and your family has been paying your pricey collage fees (yet you spend more time doing poker homework then your collage homework), it is an injustice to them to continue to take their hard earned money and waste it paying an instructor. You have to make a choice, that the life of a Professional or Semi-Pro Poker player is for you, and that you are willing to make the commitment to be the best that you can be. If not then just play for fun and focus your time on your collage or your work to become the best at that. If you make the choice to become a Pro or Semi-pro, well you have got to take a few important steps before you go any further. Think about what you are going to say to your family before you talk to them. Approach this as a job interview. Dress to impress, shave, comb your hair, cleanup your work area, excreta. If you look like a Pro they may even see you as one. If you have a PokerStars hat or shirt iron it and wear it. If not you know where to buy one suck it up use some points for the overall job affect. It can be good for Poker and you.

Once the stage has been set gather your family, spouse, or whomever for a family meeting. Make sure the TV, phone and all that is turned off so as not to distract from what you are about to tell them. The sooner you tell them the better it well be for all. Biting the bullet and informing your family this is what you want to do for a living is the first step. They may want to beat you like a Piñata till your happy candy hit’s the [bleeping] floor just be prepared and firm in your decision. It is always better to work out before hand what you need and want from them to make it easier to earn a living. Let them know what you are willing to give them in exchange for their support. It could be matter of finding a spot for you to work uninterrupted (install a dead bolt on the door as needed and don’t open it while you’re working unless someone is bleeding or something is on fire). Make every effort to keep sane hours and most importantly try and honor commitments made to your wife and family. If you told her you would take her out to dinner then you had damn well better. [My GF made me put that in. lol] Yes, these words come from the heart of experience. I pounded out the give and take with every effort made to think about all parties involved. If your family is not jumping up and down with excitement after you have told them what you want to do, give them time to think about it. They should see that your care about your job as a poker player. You are not asking them for permission, just their blessings. Be sure and answer any questions they may have honestly and truthfully. Don’t try and sugar coat the truth because they will find out, eventually.

I would like to say thank you to all the Players here at the PSO,for all your kind words and comments. We also owe a BIG thanks to Mrs. Sue Fisher. She wrote her own great book. Now She is a Co-writer on my book and has given her time to re-write the few past Blogs so you can read the things. like I said I am a Poker Player not a English  Major, Nor do I want to be. We as Poker Players have touched her life. She now knows how much we care about this game. Thank You Mrs. Fisher. She does not know I wrote this , so if I missed this part up it's on me and not here lol:-D  Sorry Mrs. Fisher hehe but a big  thanks!
In my next blog I will cover how your family can help you from getting in over your head as a professional or semi-pro poker player.

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