By Julius Pinson
What the Bleep does that mean?(I put bleep in there for a Mom that emailed me asking me to  do that, she said she wanted her son to read my blogs but with out some of the other words in it. So there you Bleeping GO mom's Just for you. How shall we say this some of the players here as you know , should not be hearing words other then bleep Maybe they should not be playing here as well. I am not their parent so there! but, they are here so ok) Moving on now. Yes what type of Player are you?
As my readers know and so shall you now i write my blogs to help you survive like I have all these years to keep going , so I can make the big payday someday and still pay my bills and take care of my family. As they say a happy poker player is a good poker player. Who the BLEEP are they you ask? They are YOU. I had said to myself, If my bills and my family are taking care of, I can focus on my game. I have placed all players into three groups. Which group do you fall in , lets see shall we?

This player is structured. They are very good bank roll managers. Risk only 10% of there bank roll at any given time, if they lose that they have funds left to fight another day. They think before they act. They put the work into the homework to always bring there game to a higher level. They take in all information , no matter if it is right or wrong to have a better understanding on how other players play. Take the best of what they learn and fold it into their play. They take 25% of all their winnings and place that into a house hold account to pay bills , medical, retirement ect.  Even if its a 100 up 25 goes to household. Some are professionals with a job or owen a business , but always working to get their poker banks up to hit the big payday. Balance out their lives and their time to be a full time Pro. This may take some a year or maybe even years. But they always are moving their games and their banks rolls to the good.

This is a player that lives to play the game, puts all their money, soul, heart and mind into playing the game. It consumes them and all their thoughts. Live for today and the Bleep tomorrow(lol to funny the bleep) OK its weired for me I will get used to it. Moving on! They work their bank rolls to play, everything else is a post-thought. They will play down to their last dollar until they go bust and then spend time to get funded anyway they can even getting a job, so they can play. Some of these players have deep funds and will risk any amount at any time. Time is their enemy. It is only a matter of time they way they run their poker life and their own life on this fast track. Yes some are even superstars and done well, ride that train till it crashes. Then some how get funds for a ticket on another train to do it once again. Their bank rolls and their lives move up and down very fast.

This Player is a evening and or a weekend warrior. They like the game and like to play the game. They learn the game and may or may not even take the time to study it to make their game better. Some just call it entertainmen and thats ok glad I was there to help you have fun. Like going to a movie or a ball game. They have jobs and other lives outside of Poker. They watch it on TV if there is nothing better on. Watch the WSOP or the  BIG GAME or some other poker show to see a player they like and tell their friends O I play that , on They go to the local Casino's buy in for a hundred get felted after drinking a 6 pack or so just to pass the time away. The top two groups have even been know to call such players donks. One of the best things for this player is the ALL IN! They know they have a small chance of out playing you so that's their play. They like it Just that way. I like players like this player. They helped me pay for my townhouse in Vegas because I helped them have fun. Bless You weekend warriors. Yes they get lucky and Bleep it if some just don't stay lucky. I have even know Play to Play Players that have played the WSOP just because its on their bucket list. I my self have never played in the WSOP. What you say and your a Pro. Yes it is true, I feel that my bank roll at the time was not strong enough and i was not a strong enough player to do so. So i waited ,  Got strong and in 2011 it is mine time.

Yes I know there is alot more to each group but could not fit it all in , this is already a BLEEPING long blog but an important one if you put some think to it. Ask yourself what player do you think you are. Then ask a friend to read my blog and then tell you as honest as blunt as a poker player can be. What type of player do they think you are. Don't like the answer, then work to make it better by going to the PSO or Live training, buy a book then read it. I myself;  in my opinion think you should stay in the PLAY TO LIVE OR PLAY TO PLAY groups.

Well till next time my friends and players, do me a favor on the upper left there are stars click on the star if you like this blog and how it rates. If you want to read my other blogs click on the bottom left  of this blog for other post. Message me on other things i may help you with in your poker life , I have boxes of notes.  If you want hand advice use the PSO Library it has courses for that. Also chat with trainers that Pokerstars have. They are really good. If you want to get good, Pokerstars make's it easy.  If not and its just entertianment , thank you for playing.