by: Julius Pinson (Poker Pro)
Hey there my friends and fellow players. I am back!! Sold my house and buying a Townhouse In Vages baby!!! It  has been a hard Few months for sure. Packing, moving but as you Know i am moving towards my dream and putting in the work to get things done. Live play doing well , cleaned UP in Ruidoso at INN of The mountian Gods as well as a few other places. Yep! Yep!. I have started on my book and  Blogging for my Friends and fellow players. As you know I love this game and have been playing Poker since i was Seven . I am 44 now and been playing for along time. I blog about my walk to Pro status and in my other Blogs you can read about that , I talk about the Pros and Cons of my walk in Poker. The Joe six pack version on how to make it and My opinion on how I play the game.
I am new to this on line play, as i talk to other old school players , Well the truth is ; we just don't trust it as of yet.  I have set out to see what it is all about. I have signed up on many sites but chose to focus on just this.
I really like it , went through the PSO school and really find on line play to be a different beast altogether. I have made my money reading people like a book, I know what they are going to do before they do. Here not so much lol. I have read books we will talk about them in other blogs , I found some good reads for sure. Re-grouped and am back with a different approach to on line play.
Must put in the home work before i put up the money. That is the smart way to do things. I have heard so many stories of old school players coming in with a Grand and go bust. Not me Bros, nope nope! there is a Gap in my Blogs and my play why. I found out I may Play live well but on line is the same game with different strategies. I have learned them and still am and doing well.
Till next time , Good to be back and prepared See you on the tables.