By Julius Pinson Poker information and opinions on how to play hands and when. Everybody and their brothers have an Opinion on How to Play blinds Ect.. You can find information and lessons in books on videos ect ect. Or even in the many Blogs and online schools. What is the right or what is wrong. Some may say even that this is misinformation. As a matter of fact on the Forum tonight they are chatting about this very subject. Going to get monitors to monitors, well who says the monitors are right. Poker is like politics when it comes to who's right or who is wrong.They all think they are . There will never be and end to this for sure. I have been asked many times on which books to buy or which video courses to buy and so on. I Have mentioned a few books I have purchased and will in future Blogs give you more info on good study material I used . I will only comment on the material I purchased or got for free. I tell everyone that ask me and those who will ask me time and time again. Read and study them all. Take the information that you like,( cherry pick the info as we say in the south,) and fold it into your style of play. If it works for you then use it, if it does not then don't. Hello its that simple. If it works for you then practice it in your play over and over so as to be able to use it in your sleep. That's is the best Poker INFO is the the information you want to use. Some styles work well with others. A Pro can mix it up and play many at any giving time so know this to. Yes there are the basic rules of Poker you should always follow, and if you do not know what they are, Then start by going through the course. Read the lessons PokerStars place on line each and everyday. Don't go through your poker Life doing the same thing over and over. Water that stands still goes bad and in many cases stinks. So to put and end to what is right or what is the best Poker Techniques out there. Well my advice to you is to study all of them. Why? Do to the fact someone out there some day will use that technique, so if you know it as well, you can understand how to beat them. I take Sunday's and go over my Golden poker rules for my style of play. I also read other books go over lesson's , even hear what other folks have to say on types of play , the how , when, how much , for any type of situation that may come up on a poker table both online and live. I don't spend much time writing emails and preaching to the masses that this is right and this is wrong. I spend my time finding out what is out there and if i think it fits my style of play i use it if not I don't. I don't pee on some one's opinion. WHY! it just may work for them. Some say to slow play others say to go all in. Which one is right in which situation. Only you can say, its your money people. You play your hand with your money how you want to. If it works for you. If not try something else. But what ever you do find out what type of information is out there. Another words do your home work. A Pro is someone who takes the time to better themselves in their Profession so as to excel in their work to make the most money at what they do. So get to work , do your home work. Start by taking the time to go through the online school here. And build those bank rolls.